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July 06, 2006



Yeah!! we have to organize car in order to prevent mass of air pollution,,, .

Scott Odle

Parking will always be a challenge for the soccer feilds as long as LWYSA doesn't do anything to promote carpools or busing.

If the gliders and rockets share the space on busy weekends, who pays for damage to the cars? Gliders and rockets are at the mercy of the winds...hence the need for large open spaces.

Additionally, denying access to parkland so that a private organization can profit from a $30K to $40K per weekend event is "patently rediculous". This feild is highly used by the community. To shove aside current users so the soccer communinty can park cars is about the most selfish proposal I have heard.

LWYSA should go buy private property they can develop into soccer fields, control parking, and create thier isolated soccer club and leave the rest of the community to enjoy the park system we paid for for the last 30 years.

Jim Laurel

Nice idea, Wayne. But the fact is that the AMA insurance is not in effect when unsafe conditions exist. In this case, the presence of cars on the field would be considered unsafe. So even if we could get the LWYSA to park on the west side, we couldn't fly there. The mere presence of a parking lot on the field would preclude this.

Wayne Rolfing

I am not a member of SASS but do use the park on weekends for flying my glider. This Saturday, July 29, 2006 the park was again partially occupied by cars parking for a big soccer event. Although this suggestion may be unwelcome perhaps a compromise could work.
As it is now the LWYSA takes over a portion of the North end of the field for parking. At the height of the soccer event less that a quarter of the field was actually occupied by cars. Having the cars lined up at the North end of the field prevents any winch launches and safe landings. How about getting the LWYSA to agree to use the West third of the park for these special parking events? If the cars would all be directed to park at the West third of the field (in the area normally used by park fliers and rocket launchers), at least the rest of the field would be available for flying and other recreational pursuits. Perhaps a few short wooden posts and some yellow caution tape to cordon off the area where the cars should park would do. As a small bonus for the cars, the West end has those tall trees to provide some shade for the cars on those hot summer afternoons. If King County would agree to reserve only a third of the acreage, the LWYSA should also pay King County only a third of what they pay now. By extension perhaps SASS could reserve two thirds of the park on their contest days and therefore pay a bit less as well.


Are you purporting that no park space anywhere should ever be used for parking? That is patently ridiculous.

Patrick McIntire

From the looks of it and from previous experience, I'd say the LWYSA was trying to discourage carpooling...

Tom Davis

LWYSA needs to think about the environment! They need to organize some form of car pooling or use buses to get the masses into this peaceful location.

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