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February 02, 2006


Alan Hoornstra

Over the last three decades my family has used 60 Acres Park for teaching children the fundamentals of rocketry and aviation theory and flight. Although this type of recreation is widely considered to be just a hobby, it has a much higher significance then just that.

The applications and fundamentals that are learned include math, science, history, weather, structures, weights and balances and eye-hand coordination. I, like so many others, have used the knowledge afforded me by the use of 60 Acres to give me the tools to attain a career in the aviation industry.

I have seen the fight to save 60 Acres Park for over 30 years. This continual struggle with King County and their ideals has left a bitter and angered demeanor in those of us who use this acreage to learn, to teach and to increase knowledge. We are thinking of all the future pilots, astronauts, engineers, and so many more that are, or will be, directly impacted by all the red tape and legislation.

The continual lies and under-the-table dealings of King County-LWYSA have produced a pattern that shows they cannot be trusted. The old saying is true that money and power equates to greed. The society in which we live subjects us to the idea that the mainstream sports are the only means of recreation, stability and financial success. These individuals that perpetuate this very idea don’t consider model aviation to amount to anything but childish entertainment.

I am not opposed to soccer in the least but would like everyone involved to again consider the facts. There are over 700 soccer fields in Western Washington alone and that doesn’t include any of the privately owned fields. How many fields for the “non-recreational” activities like aviation? Only 1

The King County Soccer Association (LWYSA) has not been forthright about any dealings with SASS and other club venues that use 60 Acres.
They have no integrity and have not been willing to come up with a solution that is beneficial to everyone involved. There is only one field that hosts so many forms of creative learning and that is 60 Acres.

Tom Odle

I have grave concern over the supposed sale of this property. Property which is owned by the people of King County. Property which is entrusted to the King County Executive to be cared for and nurtured as with any investment. Property which has been available to the people of King County for over 30 years of which I am aware. I certainly question the motivation, logic, the business and economic value surrounding this transaction.

I personally use this park 4-6 times per week. Actually I have used it 4 times in the last two days. I use it to train and exercise my dog. There are many others like me who use this property in a similar manner. In fact, this property has been used by one trainer for over 30 years to train dogs in both field and tracking.

The dog owners and SASS have cooperated for years with this use because the dogs typically use the uncut ground in which to train and it does not interfer with the flyers. Other users such as horseback riders are also frequent users of this park.

This Park has also generated considerable revenue from Clubs such as the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club and others who have used the property for dog events.

It baffles me as to the motivation of trading this property for another property in which none of the current users will have a right to use. How does this make sense?

How does it make sense to turn this property over to an organization of questionable financial stability for the development of more soccer fields which are simply not needed.

I do not believe any comments by LWYSA that the property will be shared. They have proven time and again they do not share well. Once it is in their hands, I would expect them not to allow anyone on the property unless they have cash in hand. My son was ask to leave the property across the street when he was out kicking a soccer ball with his son. Absurd! This is public property and it needs to stay that way.

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