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January 02, 2006


Scott Odle

Ricardo - I completely agree with you except for one point: We need more than just soccer.

The good health, the self confidence, the self discipline that children learn from sports is critical in thier development of adults. My son plays soccer, and I played when I was young.

Also important is teaching children (and adults) to respect a variety of different parks users, not just the biggest. It is also important to stimulate the mind, learning about aerodynamics, electronics, thermals, weather conditions, etc. Chasing down a few rockets will get the heart rate up, and the imagination going at the same time.

There are over 400 soccer fields in the County. Why can't there be just one for the "other guys"?

Jim Laurel

We think soccer is a great sport too. The real question is whether or not we think that it should be the ONLY activity. Right now, a wide variety of activities are enjoyed at 60 Acres South. There is already a large soccer complex across the road. Why should the south field be also converted to a single use?

Ricardo Ruvalcaba

I'm all for the soccer fields. I think it's great to encourage sports to young and adults. too many fat kids out there and indoors! with computer games sales going through the roof it's only a matter of a few years when obesity will be the #1 problem for these kids. As adults we should encourage all these kids to play sports. Soccer is a great sport, rarely do you have soccer players hooked on drugs and steroids/anabolics. it's a great aerobic exercice and will certainly contribute to a better and healthier kids tomorrow. Go ahead and build the soccer fields.

Jim Laurel

Now that is a great shot!

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